Individual Crystal Pendants

Individual Crystal Pendants

These little babies are packed full of celestial sass! Saged, palo'd & Full moon charged. 🌝 They are full of positive intentions and ready to aid you on your earth journey.

** FAIRTRADE & ETHICALLY SOURCED ** Do you know where your crystals are from? How they where sourced?

These are High Grade & Real Crystal. 

( been seeing a lot of plastics & Fake pieces 😒)

I have a wide variety of these cute points, and id love to see which one your bodies craving!

Who are you naturally drawn to?🔮

Strawberry Quartz





Smoky Quartz

Ruby In Zoisite


(Are pictuted) Please message me if you require anything else.

All £10.10 each & come on a faux leather vegan friendly necklace. 💜

Packaged to perfection 🧙


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