Smokeless Smudging Spray Crystal Infused

Smokeless Smudging Spray Crystal Infused

Mullberrysmagic smokeless crystal infused smudging sprays.

These individual bottles have been blended individually & Are handmade to perfection.

Ive been blending these for years for myself & now i feel the need to share this Witchy blend with you all.

30ml Bottles of pure cleansing bliss.

🖤Sage Pure Essential Oils

🖤Recycled & Recyclable Packaging*

🖤Crystal Infused For Clarity & Protection

🖤Spray Action Bottle

🖤Smokeless Formula 

🖤Carry Around To sage when needed.

🖤Asthma Friendly

🖤Reiki Addition

Spray To Cleanse At Any Time Of The Day.

The Smokeless Formula works perfectly around children & animals and its cleansing properties work at treat when you wanna "Sage Yo Self" 

Carry around and use at all times.

Yours for the price of my sage bundles at just £8.

*Spray Action Top is plastic. So be recycle aware ♻️ And Use your good will to reuse or dispose of safely.


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