Full Moon Celebration Event

Full Moon Celebration Event

Full Moon Feminine Celebration Circle. 🌙 

Yes its finally here.

Our first Celebration Circle is upon us and we are so excited to invite you into our Witchy Boutique at Mullberrys.

Our women only feminine circle invites you to come and meet like minded women, are you new to "all this" or just want an hour to be you and try something different? 

Come enjoy the Full Moon & rejoice in her powerful healing an energies.

We will be all cleansed and welcomed,

There will be group meditation & Breathwork,

Burn you own private messages into our cauldron and say goodbye to pain, anxieties or whatever you need into our cauldron,

Add your own offerings & crystals to our alter,

Set personal intentions & gain personal confidence in being YOU!

Enjoy some Chamomile tea & take a seat

Limited to 15 spaces.... Book Fast Dm today.

Just £15 Each. Add to basket. Free delivery.



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