Surprize Witch Essentials

Surprize Witch Essentials

ꪑꪗᦓꪻꫀ᥅ꪗ ᭙꠸ꪻᥴꫝ ᛕ꠸ꪻᦓ 💜🧙🏻‍♀️
Surprises in every box... delivered straight to your door 🖤

Each Box contains soooo many magical items- Each box is priced at £25 ✌Yes just £25!!!

And has between £30-4 worth of mullberrysmagic items inside!!

Your box could include many items from the list below...

Soy Crystal Candle
Spell candles
Witch air freshner
Sun and moon goodies
Crystal jewellery
Witches accessories
Goddess bathing salts
Sage & Palo Santo
Body oil
What will be in yours?
Comes with black tissue paper, saged & all handmade Gorgeous goodies inside recycled and recycable box. Can be reused. Please dispose of correctly.

So get your witch on...
So thats £40+ worth of goodies for just £25... Get yours before she flys away 💅

Per Box

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